Thursday, 14 May 2015


I have just been reading about the Dinka of Sudan, and viewing some beautiful pictures of this people.
Its amazing to see and visualize how people live in different parts of the globe, and how each one of us is adapted to our home. Back to the Dinka, so these people are a small tribe, a nilotic group, that reside in the southern part of Sudan and mostly grouped as one that may disappear with time. It is evident that temporal scales have affected and changed several things at spatial levels, that is, if we believe in the geographical theories that we read about. 
However, even with the emerging trends and shifts, it seems like some communities are barely affected by time or other external factors. Or maybe they just adapted to changes? That for sure I don't know, but I still remain perplexed that even with the several technological advances and this 'digital' world that we live in, some still remain unaffected- living life as they have always known it.
I have been staring at these Dinka pictures! The people seem at peace, with large herds of huge-horned cattle, pardon me, I don't know what the name of this  species of cattle is. Anyway, they are so comfortable in their dress code as well. They seem to fancy more of these colored beads and goat skin, and can not help but notice some have markings on their bodies. Also, do you know that they use cow dung as a mosquito repellant? And that cow urine could actually be of use? Well, life still goes on in this part of the world.
This however got me thinking, is "development" really a necessity? Because others seem to do well and adjust without it in extreme. Maybe it could be all about adapting to our surroundings, or as one famous slogan highlights "in harmony with nature". Maybe its about time that we actually accept that the world we live in is the only one we have got and we need to adjust to it- definitely by being conscious about it.
From the article I was reading about the Dinka, I have taken into consideration so much. Sometimes life is just simple, but we make it complex by trying to create solutions- of which these same solutions create a problem, forming a continuous loop.
So now as I end this post, think about it, would you like to be a Dinka? No, am not telling you to burn all your clothes and knock off your teeth- am simply telling you to live in harmony with nature!
PS: If you want to check out the article on the Dinka I was reading about, here is the link:

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